You’re probably working in a toxic atmosphere if coming to work makes you feel anxious or sad, and/or if you lose focus, lack confidence, get headaches, have nausea, or your immune system is compromised. Although it is not simple, it is entirely feasible to survive anxiety caused by a toxic workplace.

There is a logical explanation for why you always feel like you’re going to cry at your work. Here are some suggestions for handling your concern about working in a harmful atmosphere until you can eventually give your two weeks’ notice.

1. Build a network of trusted co-workers

Workplaces that are toxic are full of manipulative, egotistical, and selfish people. Finding your tribe might help you deal with a terrible employer or a coworker who won’t listen to any of your suggestions because they are “always correct.” It’s tempting to think that no one is drama-free.

2. Stay focused on important goals

A poisonous workplace might make you feel as though you’ve returned to high school when cliques were more exclusive than the varsity cheerleading squad and whispers circulated quicker than the track team. People like speculating about anything, whether it be if the CEO is having an affair, how inept James from marketing is, or whether there will be layoffs as a result of the next reorganization.

3. Be nice to everyone (even toxic co-workers)

It’s common for toxic environments to be extremely competitive, giving employees the impression that they must rise above one another to succeed. To improve their appearance and climb the corporate ladder, they will lie, cheat, and steal ideas. You have to constantly watch out for backstabbing conduct in this sort of situation, which can make overcoming toxic work environment anxiety more difficult.

4. Strive for a strong work-life balance

Work has taken over your life to the point where your 9 to 5 feels more like a 24/7. You work or think about work even while you’re not there. You simply want to hurl your phone out the window so you can escape from your coworkers’ never-ending barrage of “important” emails, messages, and phone calls.

5. Know that nothing is permanent

There appears to be nothing you can do to stop your boss’s irate after-hours emails or stop worrying about being put down by your coworkers. Your self-assurance is gone, you hate coming to work, and you start to feel bad psychologically and physically. Luckily, you can take the following action: Get away.

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