Competition is everywhere and we can’t run away from competition, rather we should think about how to be competitive in your work. Having a good education isn’t enough to fulfill your dream job in today’s competitive job development. You need the right mix of education, experience, and other softer skills as well as language skills.

Here we look at a few things that required for competition in your work.


Learning a new language is an impressive highlighted addition to your CV. It not only demonstrates that you are curious about the world, but it also shows you are committed to self-improvement and expanding your skillset. One of the most sought languages is English due to its global dominance and its global importance in business, diplomacy, and academia. Along with there are plenty of other languages especially Arabic, Spanish and German need attention also.


Whether you are working abroad or studying in different countries, you need to have a broader horizon, and gaining different experiences living in a different culture is something that helps you grow as a human. People who have lived abroad are found to have a greater sense of self. So you are in better shape to realize what you want from your career and likely to apply for roles you are genuinely interested in.


In many fields having a university degree increases your earnings significantly and will you land a job. So it’s essential to find a course which is required. Already having a University degree enough? No studying shouldn’t end there, doing further education (online or in-person) is required in today’s competitive market. Further education is good for expanding your skillset.


Nowadays it is what you know is of less importance than it is who you know. Good education and good life experience are essential, but when it comes to finding the right job opportunity, it is about who you know. Networking, even though it feels like a chore, is an important part of growing your contact list. Remember to stay in touch with more interesting contacts, even if are not in search of a new job right now. You never know when it might help you in the future.


Secure some work experience in an internship. Do a little digging to find out about opportunities to intern in your chosen field. With some work experience on your CV, you will make yourself more qualified for a full-time role than many other candidates who are fresh out of University. You will also get a really good idea about your career path.

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