In India, getting a good night’s sleep is seen to be good for both physical and mental health, but if you sleep for longer than that “so-called” usual amount of time, you will be criticized as being “sluggish.” Contrary to this, there are companies in the US that hire persons with “excellent sleeping ability” and have disproven the sleep myth.

You did read that correctly. Many US companies will pay you for your sleeping skills. Casper, a firm with headquarters in New York, is hiring “Casper Sleepers,” who must also share their experience as “professional sleepers” with others by making Tik-Tok-style movies while they are awake.

“Do you enjoy sleeping? Then we offer a position that will pay you to carry out that same task. Join the Casper Sleepers and flaunt your sleeping prowess anywhere people are looking, including in public and on social media. We believe that a good night’s sleep can alter everything, so come sleep on the job with us,” the company’s employment posting stated.

The perfect applicant, according to the job description, should be exceptionally good at sleeping, capable of dozing off in strange places, and able to motivate others.

‚ÄúSleep. Sleep in our stores and in interesting places throughout the globe. When you do happen to be awake, send TikTok-style videos to the Casper social media channels to share your experience with others. Show us that you can sleep,” the employers asked the applicants.

The employer said that the chosen candidates would be given the opportunity to work from home, receive free Casper items, and have flexible hours.

Source:live mint

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