Not sure what’s the difference between a dentist and a periodontist? Well, a periodontist is a dentist but a dentist is not a periodontist.

We are all familiar with dentists. They deal with the diagnosis and treatment of various oral health related issues such as gums, teeth and other parts of the mouth. Dentists advise various diet choices to maintain our oral health.

A periodontist, however, specializes in the placement of dental implants and deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various periodontal issues. Periodontists are experts in treating oral inflammation.

Dentists diagnose and treat decaying and injured gums or teeth. They also support bones and when there is a complex case in these areas, they advise the patient to seek periodontists.

A dentist needs to secure three years of extra education after dental studies to be a periodontist. This gains them expertise in performing not only cosmetic care but also periodontal procedures.

The role of a dentist is to clean teeth, remove teeth, follow routine check-ups and suggest oral health advice.

The gum specialists, periodontists provide multiple treatments in scaling and root planing where they clean the infected surface of the root of the tooth.

They remove damaged tissues and perform root surface debridement. Periodontists perform laser periodontal therapy.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, periodontists must be well-trained and skilled in performing various surgical techniques such as regenerative surgery, periodontal plastic surgery and dental implant placement.

For complex cases of gum diseases, periodontists are often required.

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