Getting a job as a fresher is difficult because most students lack confidence and are uninformed of the demands of the professional world. We’ve compiled a list of simple suggestions to help you avoid mistakes and land your first job as a new graduate in this article:

1. Make your resume stand out

Avoid using a template response by updating and tweaking your resume for each job application. Only include projects that are relevant to you, and keep your resume as brief as possible. Recruiters don’t devote much effort to individual applications. In your CVs’ introductions, avoid writing extensive essays. It’s a common blunder made by students when looking for work.

2. Internships and freelancing are good ways to get experience

Adding work experience to your resume dramatically improves your chances of finding a job as a new graduate. While academic knowledge and strong grades are advantageous, practical experience will set you apart from the competitors.

3. On job boards create a profile

Opportunities rarely arrive on your doorstep unannounced, and it’s best not to wait for them to come knocking. Create a profile on prominent job boards and apply for employment that is related to your skill sets if you are serious about finding a career as a novice.

4. Obtain employment referrals

One of the finest ways for freshers to get their first job is through referrals. Almost every company has an employee recommendation program, in which current employees can recommend you for any open positions in their organization that match your profile.

5. Before applying, do some research on the company

Before applying for a job, make it a practice to read the company’s website and blog. It will assist you during the interview process and may even assist you in landing your first job.

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