Try these 4 easy steps to begin practicing the art of writing if there are moments in your life when you want greater tranquility.

1. Discard all regulations. You are the only one who should read this. You don’t have to write legibly (you just need to be sure you can read it). You are not required to punctuate or use good grammar. You are not required to first arrange your thoughts. Just write without giving it too much thought.

2. Identify the necessary question to ask yourself. The tried-and-true pro/con exercise can be used while making decisions. The centre of the page should have a line through it. On opposite sides, including the pro and the con. Continue to create lists for each and decide which one will prevail.

3. Write something. Give an honest, uncensored response to the topic or inquiries. Write down each issue you are bothered by, and then assess your reaction. Write continuously until you have expressed all of your thoughts on that particular issue.

4. Take a quick rest, then read what you wrote again. You could find that you can see things more clearly. It’s possible that you’ll realize that your worries aren’t quite as serious as you originally imagined. You may be able to clearly identify what adjustments you need to make in your life. You can also realize that nothing is really that important and nothing needs to change.

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