1. Be an example

More often than you may realize, people are watching what you do. It’s critical to live a life that has a positive impact on others. Each individual you bring into your life is there for a reason; be a source of light for your friends.

2. Be caring

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Lewis Howes

This is crucial to understand! Take an inquisitiveness in others and learn about them. When you express how much you honestly care and cherish other people, it truly makes a difference in your relationship with them; everyone loves to feel unique and appreciated.

3. Be encouraging

Everybody has bad days. Encourage people to keep pushing by being that person. Everyone enjoys being psyched up, so be the person that hypes people up. People will be able to recognize the best in themselves if they do so.

4. Be woke

Educate. Educate. Educate. You can never learn everything there is to know. Look for knowledge and people who can help you grow personally to keep your brain fresh. Keep yourself up to date. Having ideas that believe in others, despite their differences, is a big element of motivating others. Learn to love all people equally.

5. Be open

One of the most essential aspects of living your truth is being open. If you aren’t living your truth and being open to the world, you won’t be able to inspire others. You should be able to communicate both your accomplishments and your shortcomings. This will make you more approachable to others. Being open and genuine with yourself and others is what vulnerability entails.

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