At whatever point we hear the word ‘Fitness’, the principal individual, who rings a bell is consistently the captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, Virat Kohli. He took health and fitness level to another level and furthermore made each cricketer of India following the equivalent to performing better on the field.

Talking about the equivalent, the Indian captain Virat Kohli featured the significance of fitness in any sort of game or sport.

Of the numerous manners by which Virat Kohli motivates everyone, one is his incomparable wellness on and off the field. Presently, he is probably the fittest cricketer on the planet yet very few know about his one little talk with previous India mentor Duncan Fletcher that changed the manner in which India’s present captain takes a gander at fitness.

It was Duncan who taught Kohli the importance of fitness when you are playing cricket. He told him that it doesn’t matter how great of a payer you become, your physic and body will not support you for long as long as you do something about it. In an interview, Virat mentioned that it was then that he started feeling guilty for being an unfit cricketer. He was a professional cricketer full of immense talent and yet his form was slowing down both as a batsman and while fielding as well. He became sluggish and his focus had completely shifted from cricket.

One day after having terrible IPL season in 2012, Virat went back home and took a look at himself in the mirror and said to himself that this is not how a professional cricketer should look like. He was 10-12 kgs heavier than he is today. He started reconsidering his lifestyle and eating habits. He stopped staying up late and eating unhealthy food. He said no to gluten, no wheat, no cold drinks and nothing with a lot of calories. He also mentioned that it was very tough for him. Once at night, he became so hungry, that he felt like eating the bedsheets. But he did see the difference on the field. He was quicker, durable and more energetic. He started lifting weights and worked on his muscles and today, he is considered to be one of the fittest sportspeople in the world.