· Be a role model

Be a good role model for your kids, while allowing them to explore you must stand beside them and give them various options. If they ask you questions give them all possible answers and be creative with your answers. This makes them think and even come up with some more possible answers. Teach your children the basics of everything for example pencil is used to write on paper and let them decide what to write or draw.

· Provide resources

Without resources, there won’t be ideas. Learn the interest of your children and provide them with the necessary resources. If they love art and craft provide them the necessary supplies. Having said that it’s important that your children know about all the activities and then decide what they are good at or what they love doing. As parents, you shouldn’t decide what your children are interested in, let them decide for themselves. So, you must provide all the resources. Ask them to dance, go swimming, bring them sports material, etc.

· Don’t interfere in their playtime

Let them have their own unstructured playtime. You’ve provided with the resources now let them decide how to make use of it. That’s how their creativity is encouraged. When you give instructions they do according to your creativity and not theirs.

· Give them a problem to solve by themselves

Explain to them a problem and ask them to solve it. Let them think of ways to solve. Acknowledge their answers and avoid picking out the faults in their answers. Instead, ask them more question like what made them think of it? Tell them the consequences and let them decide what changes are to be made.

· Encourage their idea, mistakes and viewpoint

Even if you feel their idea is stupid encourage them, let them do according to their idea unless it is harmful. Even if they do mistake don’t mock them let them know in a very young age that doing mistake is completely ok. Listen to their perspective on certain things, if they are saying trees are made up of mud let them say don’t correct them instead ask them what made them think that way. That’s how creativity is born because creative people always think out of the box.

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