The 13th IPL final happened between Mumbai and Delhi on 10th of November and Mumbai managed to grab an easy win with 5 wickets and 8 balls left. If we look in the past, Mumbai didn’t have a great start to this IPL edition since it lost the first match against Chennai Super Kings and also lost few initial matches in the start. However, the team still managed to overcome their weaknesses and the team management created a superb batting and bowling attack that pierced through the dreams of Delhi Capitals. Before this, the mighty Mumbai Indians had already grabbed 4 IPL titles to its name. However, this is the first time that Mumbai won on an even year. Mumbai only won the IPL championships on the odd years until now, when they broke the tradition and won 2020 IPL championship.

Every player from the team is an inspiration since they had to work hard on their weaknesses. Even the best of the best struggled to perform even after giving their best. In the initial matches, the yorker king Bumrah went for a lot of runs and didn’t get any wickets. In the later stage of the tournament, he rivalled Rabada for the Purple Cap. he made a brilliant come back. Not just him but every member of the team contributed to this win in their own way.

Their solid win only tells us that nothing is destined for us. MI was destined to win their next IPL only in the next odd year which was 2021, however, they pushed past their limits and created their own destiny. Our future will be what we make of it. Another thing to learn from this team is consistency. If one player failed to perform in a particular match, there was always another player who gave his best and won the match for his team. Each and every batsman and bowler played a key role in the wins. The players who didn’t get a chance to play any match are a part of this win as well. It doesn’t matter how you contribute towards a common goal as long as you do your best.

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