The majority of us find this question to be highly troubling since white hair color turns hair black, it is also very damaging to hair. Additionally, after a few days, its effects start to fade and white hair returns. Our hair is harmed by the many harsh chemicals used in dye. For this reason, people continue to hunt for alternatives to hair color for darkening their hair. Now, the subject of how to tint hair black without using dye is raised.

Henna is a popular alternative to color for those who want to darken their hair. This significantly aids in darkening the hair. However, did you know that there are a variety of alternative techniques for darkening hair that you can use to achieve glossy, black hair? This post will outline 5 techniques for turning white hair black.

1. Use amla to turn hair black
To darken white hair, use an amla hair pack. You can use crushed amla or entire amla for this. Any hair oil can be used to apply amla or amla juice to the hair. Leave on for 4-5 hours, then shampoo off. It will be extremely good to apply it to the hair two to three times per week.

2. Use onion juice to dye hair black
Many hair issues can be resolved with onion juice. It helps white hair turn darker as well. You can put onion juice on your hair directly or you can combine it with other ingredients like mustard or coconut oil. Add lemon or amla to the oil after it has warmed up a bit. The hair will brown quicker as a result. Apply it to the hair two to three times a week for three to four hours, then shampoo it off.

3..Toss the Egg
Protein-rich eggs are excellent for hair. The hair can be treated with an egg hair mask. Simply combine egg white with mustard, coconut, or olive oil to make this. Additionally, lemon juice is an option. 2-3 times a week, apply this mixture after thoroughly mixing. It can be left for 20 to 25 minutes, for four to five hours, or even overnight.

4. Use oil and aloe vera.
Aloe vera can be combined with coconut, mustard, castor, or olive oil to create a combination that can be applied to the hair. It will swiftly get rid of white hair if you additionally add lemon and amla juice. Apply this to the hair and leave it on for 3 to 4 hours before shampooing. 1-2 times each week, apply.

5. Have some vegetable juice
You can take it in the morning on an empty stomach by squeezing the juice from carrots, beets, amla, lemon, etc. The hair will become more dark, robust, and glossy from the inside.

Source: only my health

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