Conor McGregor is among the most divisive figures in the Fighting world. The Notorious One is infamous for utilising smack talk to hype his fights and influence the minds of his rivals. McGregor has already gotten under most of his opponents’ skins by making good use of his memory of a goldfish. However, the Irishman has stated numerous times that he employs trash talk to conduct psychological games with his competitor and that there is no deep hatred.

Conor McGregor has been praised for his appreciation for his opponents after so many fights, both in triumph and failure.

Here are some of the best inspirational moments by the notorious Conor McGregor.

1. Conor McGregor hugged Nate Diaz after their second match

They fought twice in the UFC, first at UFC 196 and then again at UFC 202. While Nate won the first bout by surrender, Conor McGregor put up a fantastic performance in the sequel, winning by unanimous verdict. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz hugged each other in a stunning gesture of understanding and respect just after the second fight, which was a back-and-forth blowout. They complimented one other on their outstanding performance and traded pleasant words.

2. Setting Records in New York

The opportunity to be the first UFC fighter to carry two championships in different groups at the very same time, and to do so at the company’s first ever show in Madison Square Garden. McGregor capitalised on his chances with one of the best performances in MMA ever, destroying Eddie Alvarez before defeating him in the second round at UFC 205, and holding the two titles above his forehead in front of a raucous crowd. It’s the pinnacle of McGregor’s journey so far, and one that will cement his place in MMA folklore.

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