An achievement has numerous definitions. Baya weaver is one of the talented nest-builder birds known for its excellent ability in building the nest out of the grass. A male baya weaver constructs the nest and once the development of the nest is mostly done, it starts to show it to the passing females by fluttering their wings and calling them while at the same time swinging from their homes. The females examine the nest and sign their acknowledgement to the male. When a male and a female are matched, the male proceeds to finish the home by including the passageway burrow. If on the off chance that, the female doesn’t feel comfortable in or doesn’t like the nest, the male disassembles the home and develops another home from scratch. Success to this male baya weaver is an acknowledgement from a female companion.

What should amaze us about this bird is that it designs and builds a nest that not only becomes a home for him and his family, the home is also strong enough to survive a storm. The bird has no architecture degree or a degree in civil engineering and it still manages to build such a beautiful and appreciable home for itself. Not use of machines, no math to calculate no raw materials needed. Just some grass and the male baya’s beak is all it takes to build a Baya weaver’s nest. The male birds are estimated to make around 500 rounds to and fro to get the nest built just to be accepted by female birds. This kind of hard by such a little life in nature only inspires us to do more in our life than sit back and complain.

Success doesn’t come easy to anyone. Be it the Baya Weaver or us humans. But working hard and facing rejection with strength and might enough to start building another nest from scratch requires heavy guts and dedication. This is what we learn from nature’s best architect.