The Rock is the most well-known alter ego of Dwayne Johnson. On May 2, 1972, in California, Dwayne Johnson was born. He is an American actor, producer, and businessman in addition to being a former professional wrestler. He was inspired by his father, professional wrestler Rocky Johnson, who he looked up to as he competed in the ring. He pursued a wrestling career and made his USWA debut. He went by the moniker Flex Kavanah at the time, and he and Brett Sawyer won the tag team championship.

In the year 1996, Dwayne began competing for World Wrestling Entertainment. He then adopts the name Rocky Maivia and joins forces with the Nation of Domination organization. Rocky joined Corporations during the Civil War and started a great feud with Steve Austin, but he was later expelled from this organization of wrestlers. He eventually gained notoriety as The People’s Champion.

Dwayne launched a new career by debuting in the 2001 movie Mummy Returns. Since then, he has been in countless Hollywood productions, including Pain & Gain (2013), Fast & Furious, and many others. A number of reality series have had him as the host. He reappeared in the ring in 2011 to face John Cena, and the match was a huge success. In 2013, Johnson won his ninth championship in professional wrestling.

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