Sunder Pichai has been the chief executive at the largest search engine, Google since 2015. This dedication towards work, demeanor, and simplicity brought him immense fame.

He has become the role model of many budding entrepreneurs due to his resilience and ways to stay away from work politics. As a result, he remained focused on his career growth which helped him to reach the heights of success.

According to Cnbctv18 reports, his success story was not a secret. Pichai was a shy yet brilliant kid born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He believes that the world is full of innovation and at any given time we must boast innovative thoughts for a better tomorrow. He advises the young entrepreneurs to think about their next best action.

The world is brimming with new technology and innovations, and in order to survive the cutthroat competition, one needs to reinvent and keep themselves updated. Pichai further encourages entrepreneurs to think big about big problems and come up with extraordinary solutions to tackle the problems. Also, feelings of insecurity are normal while working with talented people but your job is to learn from them, be creative, and grow.

According to Cnbctv18 reports, Pichai believed that a leader should not focus on his own success instead, he is supposed to make his employees successful in what they do. Ambitious entrepreneurs have failed to achieve their dreams because they hardly put in the effort. He deems that believing in oneself and putting sincere efforts into your dreams or goals will definitely help you achieve it.

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