It all relies on the actions you do in your life. Because life won’t trim or extend itself, you’ll have to learn to make the most of what it gives you. Sandeep Maheshwari’s life has been defined by hardship in various forms. A middle-class college dropout’s journey to the pinnacle of success should inspire you to take that next important step for your future. His story is full of setbacks as well as triumphs. This man who has turned adversity into inspiration has worn several hats, including entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and writer.

Here are top stories of Sandeep Maheshwari

1. Once upon a time, there was a competition to find the world’s best peace painting. Many great artists sent their best works of art, and one of them stood out from the crowd.

The masterpieces showed a calm lake perfectly reflecting the snow-capped mountains peacefully towering above a clear blue sky with fluffy clouds, the picture was perfect. The majority of people who looked at the paintings of various painters thought it was the greatest of them, but when the winner was declared, everyone was taken aback by the winning picture. Mountains could be seen in the image, but they were uneven and sparse, the sky appeared agitated, and lightning could be seen. It didn’t appear to be tranquil.

It appears that the artist portrayed his painting as a storm rather than the world, but if you look closely, you can see a man standing at the window, smiling. Inner serenity is what we call it.

2. Father and son go for a stroll in the mountains, son falls and injures himself; he cries and he hears his voice repeating. He thinks the mountain is making fun of him; he requests dad to punish the mountain, father says phrases praising the mountains, son is astonished, father tells son, whatever you speak or do is reflected around to you. Our lives are only a mirror of our choices. Develop more love in your heart if you want more love in the world. Life will return everything you have given to it.”

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