Nino Cerruti died in northwestern Italy, where the family had been active in material organizations since about 1881, details the Italian news agency La Presse. Italy’s Daily Collier said he was hospitalized for hip surgery. At the age of 20, Cerruti acquired a private company based in the town of Biella, Piedmont, after his father died in 1950. In 1957, he sent his first men’s clothing company, Hitman, to the suburbs of Milan, devoting himself to stylish style and proving that modern method scales are important to the established sector of early men. did. Armani was hired as a young man at Hitman’s factory in the mid-1960s. Armani describes Cerruti as “a visionary of creative business with a strong gaze, true interest, and courage,” and “a good approach to becoming a dictator, in the end, will be overlooked.”

“I have always considered him an influential person in my life, regardless of whether our contacts have declined over the years,” Armani said in a statement. In 1967, Cerruti founded the luxury menswear design house Cerruti 1881 in Paris, the global capital of style at the time, keeping pace with its creations in Italy. The relaxed use of contour shading and respect for both original design and customization have won clients such as French movie star Jean-Paul Belmondo. Cerruti was soon sought after in Hollywood, and his plans were carried out by Basic Instinct Michael Douglas, Pretty Woman Richard Gere, Philadelphia Tom Hanks, and others.

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