In a nutshell, Priyanka Chopra is a whole package: she enjoys career success, widespread praise, a loving family, a devoted husband, a lovable dog, multiple magazine covers, and so on. She achieved what very few people dared, so it’s understandable if you find yourself asking, “What more can you desire when you already have everything—what many others can only dream of attaining”? Chopra says “more” is the answer.

After winning Miss World 2000, she initially gained notoriety. After that, she experienced a mix of critically acclaimed successes and box office duds, which led to the star finally taking on fewer but more compelling parts. In 2015, ABC Studios offered Chopra a screenplay for the American drama series Quantico, which launched her career and put her on the world stage. Chopra, who is always reinventing herself, immediately caused a ruckus in Hollywood. Her popularity in Hollywood hasn’t diminished despite the fact that the program was canceled after three seasons.

Priyanka Chopra is definitely one of the most successful women in the world because of her numerous accolades and successes. Chopra has a busy schedule that includes humanitarian work, running Purple Pebble Productions, a film production company, investing in the social and dating app Bumble, and a YouTube Originals series. Here are some questions that Priyanka Chopra answered during an interview with Vogue

On selecting the appropriate projects

“I’ve always been a person who makes decisions just out of instinct. Simply said, I think that opportunities should be recognized and then taken advantage of. I act on my gut feeling.”

Taking a chance on yourself when no one else will

“I never approach a situation with confidence. I have to learn the skill, I have to learn how to be good at something, and only then do I get confidence. So I’ve simply always taken a chance that even if I don’t know anything, I’ll learn it.”

Regarding maintaining relevance

“Evolution is significant. What unique insight might you provide the audience? Keep your ears to the ground and be aware of what’s going on. It’s critical to understand that, in my opinion.”

Regarding Mentors

“I firmly think that while you should adopt and make your own the greatest traits you appreciate in others, your identity should never be determined by another person. Being authentic to who you are and having the guts to be brave, in my opinion, is crucial. You can only be bold when you are aware of who you are and your motivations.”

Source: Vogue

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