Always remember that you always take only one side either you can get busy into living or you can get yourself busy in dying and ultimately it’s your choice. –Stephen King

One should always know that the very first step towards your success is always the one taken when you refuse to be the one captive of the environment in which you found yourself in the first place. – Mark Caine

You must always be aware of the fact that even if one door of happiness closes for you so the other one opens but there is some problem with us that we just keep wasting time looking at that very closed door and simultaneously miss that door that has been opened for us. – Helen Keller

Live your life to the fullest today because after twenty years you will feel bad as well as disappointed with yourself not for the things you have done but the things that you may miss now. – Mark Twain

One should always keep his face glowing with a smile. One should never feel low or disappointed thinking over what is there no more. Rather one should smile by thinking that at least that thing happened to him in his life. – Dr Seuss

Always keep in your mind that you just need to realize that power in you because once you become aware of it then all that fear inside you actually vanishes away and further you will feel strengthened and full of energy as well as enthusiasm. – Audre Lorde

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