When India gained independence from British domination, the Indian Army went into action. Six operational commands, commonly referred to as field armies, and one training command make up the army, and each is governed by a Lieutenant General. The Indian Army has experienced several proud moments. Below are a few examples of the ones when they demonstrated their tenacity, tenacity of purpose, and hard effort;

1. Indian Army’s Myanmar Operation – July 2015

The Indian Army successfully executed a cross-border operation in Myanmar with the assistance of the Indian Air Force in order to exact revenge on the militants who attacked a military convoy in Manipur Chandel and killed 18 people. Early-morning attacks by many forces on the Indo-Myanmar border neutralized their insurgents.

2. The Biggest Airborne Exercise

The WINGED RAIDER was the largest airborne exercise the Indian Army conducted, involving about 500 soldiers. The majority of participants were paratroopers from Indian Air Force C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster planes, and it took place in the Northern Theatre.

3. Operation 500 – November 2020

The incident at Nagarkot resulted in the death and injury of numerous Indian soldiers. The operation that was carried out to fight the terrorists was known as Operation 500. It was revealed by the intelligence that 500 or so terrorists were being trained over the borders of Jammu and Kashmir.

In order to quickly attack enemy territory, India is continuously training its militants to have great firepower and strategic mobility.

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