Not everything golden is gold; this simply means looks may be deceiving. The phrase defines that not all that glitters is valuable or genuine. It is the hint to look beyond the surface beauty of allure and understand the real worth of things.

For example, in the realm of human relationships, a charming personality from the outside may not reflect the character or intentions of a person. Likewise, in the pursuit of success, money and wealth may not guarantee contentment or happiness. This phrase prompts us to question our imagination and dive deeper into understanding the real thing rather than getting swayed by the look from the outside.

Metaphorically, it means that the sheen of superficial achievements may not guarantee value. In the real world, only fools consider everything golden as gold. While in reality, it just resembles gold but lacks preciousness. This also warns us not to believe in anything just by appearance, but we should also be able to discriminate the importance and value.

The expression goes beyond material possessions, focusing on the importance of inner qualities and genuineness. Also, it is better to be cautious than to come up with solutions and appreciate the authenticity and not the illusion. This phrase is very important in life, and one should be careful and follow as much as possible.