The eagle is a bird with the longest longevity, living up to 70 years. However, in order to attain this age, the bird must make a tough decision. Its broad and elastic talons can no longer catch predators that provides as nourishment, its razor sharp claws beak becomes twisted, and its ancient and massive wings cling to its chest and make it impossible to fly in its 40th year.

The eagle is then stuck with only two options: die and go through a terrible 150-day transformation. The eagle must fly to a mountain top and settle on its nest to complete the procedure. The eagle smacks its beak against a stone till it falls off. The eagle then waits for a replacement beak to develop.

The eagle will rip out its talons, and when fresh talons regrow, the eagle will remove its old, worn-out feathers. The eagle conducts its famed rebirth flight after five months and lives for another 30 years.

This narrative encourages us to evaluate why change is required. Often times, in order to stay alive, we must embark on a transformational journey. We occasionally need to let go of repressed memories, routines, and other customs. We can only reap the benefits of the now if we are free of the weight of the old days.

This is a fantastically inspiring and motivating tale that you may find on YouTube. It appears to be a good story to tell.

However, while the narrative is not genuine, the lesson it conveys is.

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