We live in a societal space and it’s crucial to understand that, we are going to encounter all sorts of people with varied intentions, personalities and behaviours. One of them is everyone’s favourite type, the so-called “sweet talker ones”. We might have faced, met or a part of a circle that might belong to this kind of people whose words drip honey and sentences charmed in sugar! Oh, yes they just love to “falsely compliment” you to get their things done. Yes, I definitely would agree that there are people who genuinely raise, hype up people’s spirits and compliment them genuinely.

But the sugar coaters are easy ones to spot. They spill sweet, charming desert loaded and ornamental sentences in front of you but they change their colours in your absence. They are like the “green-eyed monsters” correctly labelled by Shakespeare to describe people who are absorbed by envy and jealousy for others. As too much of something is not healthy, so when a person goes on and on with their praising scenario we get to realise that there’s something hidden beneath their behaviour. Another side of it, it could be that when we tend to get a lot of praise we tend to become obsessed with ourselves and just think of the praises we get, we could give up on working hard as we might feel happy at the moment for getting our egos polished.

We must have haters in our lives. Haters are like the subcategories of sugar coaters. The only difference is that they are upfront with their motive. They tend to be passive-aggressive with you, laugh at your progress, label you with disrespectful and disgusting names, bully you, bash you out at you, try to bring you down etc.

But when they intermingle in this manner in your life, that’s when the striker strikes hard! You tend to focus much more on yourself, you strive to become the best version of yourself. In the end, You learn to become You. You become so strong that you stop giving a second thought about someone’s opinion, judgement or thought.

Hence, If everyone loves you something is wrong, you should at least need one enemy to keep us alert.

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