Jeff Bezos is the founder, chairman, president and CEO of Amazon. He is not only a retail store owner but he is also a part of many other ventures such as private space endeavor, the Blue Origin.

Here are some of the business lessons to learn from Jeff Bezos.

1. Be stubborn and flexible

As per Bezos, an ideal entrepreneur should be stubborn on his vision and flexible with the details. You’ll give up on experiments if you lack stubbornness and you’d find it difficult to find different solutions to a problem if you are not flexible.

Stubbornness and flexibility makes an individual a natural leader.

2. Never stop experimenting

Experimentation is an integral part of business as it gives birth to new innovations and makes the business stay in the market. All the high performing companies are constantly experimenting.

3. Posses the willingness to invent

Bezos states that invention is important for him and his team. According to him, individuals who like to invent are always looking to make their product better. As an entrepreneur you need to have the love to invent and create new things.

4. Think in long term

A person needs a lot of patience for thinking in long terms, especially as a CEO who has to handle day-to-day operations. Thinking in the long term for the company is good because you get more open to new innovation.

5. Identify and remove risks

Bezos believes that best entrepreneurs are not a fan of risks. Instead they try to identify the risk and work towards eliminating the risks.

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