Shakespeare was a legendary writer who is celebrated till today. He made a huge contribution to English literature. The way he uses tragedy, comedy, and romance has intrigued many writers and readers. His writing is a huge source of inspiration for many people. One of his famous genres of writing was romance.

His novels and plays had an incredible depiction of love.
Here are the Inspiring things about the love we learnt from Shakespeare

1 Don’t try and change the one you’re with

One of Shakespeare’s novels shows how a girl meets a boy. Girl realizes the boy could be perfect with just a few improvements. The girl decides to improve the boy. But their relationship never ends happily. It is the same in real life, if we try to change a person there is the possibility that we may end up losing that person.

2. Money is not always important

All those pub outings and luxury dinners can empty even the wealthiest of bank accounts. And not everyone is wealthy enough to enjoy all this luxuriousness. The solution is, to be honest with your partner about your financial situation. Don’t do like Bassanio in “The Merchant of Venice” and convince your best friend to borrow money on your behalf and leave him to face the debt and in a situation where he can’t pay that much money.

3. If your partner gives you a present, hold onto it

In “Merchant of Venice”, Bassanio goes through all the hardship to win Portia, and then almost destroys his marriage in its beginning by giving away her wedding present to someone else. And also When Desdemona mislays the handkerchief handed over to her by her husband Othello, it leads to very bad consequences. Remember to take proper care of things your partner gives you.

4. Jealousy never ends well

Talking about Othello, the man who was always jealous. His readiness to assume that his wife is having an affair with someone eventually destroyed both of their lives and relationship. It is the same in real life. The relationship can only last if there is trust and no point of jealousy.

5. Listen to your partner’s advice

The death of Julius Caesar is mostly looked on as a tragic story. But look a little deeper, it’s obvious that he was a bit of a fool. Instead of listening to his wife Calpurnia when she warned him that she had premonitions of his death, he avoided her indications and was stabbed afterward.

In real life, it means that whatever your partner is telling you it’s for your good so listen to them and their advice.

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