Colonel Harland Sanders, who tried his hand at a variety of jobs about 1930, launched KFC. Around 5 billion individuals are expected to have visited a KFC restaurant at some point, with 8% of the world’s population visiting one on any given day. But it didn’t happen overnight. KFC came from humble origins as a little restaurant with only $100 in the bank to become an international powerhouse via smart strategy and chance. Colonel Sanders had his “eureka moment” in 1936 when he developed a new fried chicken recipe for his restaurant that was extra crispy.

People enjoyed the new recipe, and there were no other restaurants around that offered anything similar, so this discovery was fantastic for his business. Colonel Sanders, on the other hand, lost everything he owned when his home was bombed during World War II. He went on to become a Kentucky state police officer before returning to the foodservice profession. Colonel Sanders sought to break into the fried chicken business again in 1952 when he began franchising his recipe to eateries.

KFC is still one of the most well-known brands in the world after all these years. Colonel Sanders is most likely to blame. What was Colonel Sanders’ secret to his success?

1) He created a system for testing and improving his recipes until they were perfect.

2) He prioritized high-quality ingredients.

3) In order to stay current, he was always open to new ideas and improvements.

4) He supported local Little League teams and donated food in the aftermath of natural disasters.

5) He always presented himself in a professional manner. It required him to wear a suit and tie, comb his hair perfectly, and maintain his fingernails clean at all times.

6) His goal was simple: “We prepare chicken the right way!”

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