Ford is one of the leading names in automobiles today. The American multinational is known for its innovative production process with which they revolutionized the automobile industry in America. Henry Ford is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurs who is known for his contribution to the automobile industry. They brought about a change in the production process of automobiles through the introduction of the ‘assembly line’ that no one had ever heard of before. At the time, automobile production was still in the early stages and manufacturing cars involved higher costs. This led to cars being over expensive which only the rich class could afford. Henry Ford wanted to bring about equality and wanted cars to be affordable to at least the majority of the people from the society. Earlier the cars took 12 hours to complete.

Henry Ford came up with the idea that totally changed the manufacturing process of cars. Ford studied the various stages involved in the manufacturing of a car and disseminated the workers to specialize in one particular stage of the production process. He invented an ‘assembly line’ which resembled a conveyor belt to move the cars from one stage of the production process to another until all the parts were assembled. This drastically reduced the man-hours required for the manufacturing process from 12 hours to approximately 2 and half hours.

Henry Ford set a high benchmark with this innovation and turned around the condition of the automobile industry for the best. This innovation till date proves to be beneficial to the automobile industry. Change is always going to create a ripple in the pond. When Ford introduced this change to the industry, everyone was hesitant to adopt the new technology. But Ford really created a legacy and today the world looks up to them for their inspiring story of being the game-changer in the history of the automobile industry.

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