The religion of Buddhism is all about having global peace. Gautam Buddha was a sage who had a positive impact on several lives through his wisdom. The word “buddha” means enlightened.

According to him Peace of mind can be achieved by detaching an individual from all cravings.

He says “peace comes from within”.According to him, one should not seek peace outside for example people seek peace in materialistic things like cars and bungalows. You can never find peace outside it should come from within. In order to find peace one should not dwell in the past or dream about the future. He should be focused on the present and live in the movement. According to Buddha at the end, only three things matter: how you lived, how you loved, and how you let go of things not meant for you. Everything in our life depends on our mind the way we think, and we become accordingly. In life, if you focus only on good things the bad things won’t matter to you at all.

We should not depend on anyone for peace and happiness, you must walk your own path, find

your own happiness. Do not expect happiness from others. Also while choosing people in your life, Don’t judge them on their physical attractiveness. One should be attracted to the mind. He says “our mind is a monkey! And meditation can help us catch it”. Whenever you feel distressed or confused in life you should meditate. Mental peace and happiness is a most important thing in our current life and it should be kept above in order to live a happy peaceful life

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