Kanye Omari West is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, businessman and fashion designer. He is one of the most successful celebrities.

Here are the quotes from Kayne West to inspire you.

1. “For me to say I wasn’t a genius I’d just be lying to you and to myself” – Kanye West

2. “Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness” – Kanye West

3. “Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed it?” – Kanye West

4. “Everyone’s always telling you to be humble. When was the last time someone told you to be great?” – Kanye West

5. “Having a Rolex or a Benz is not something that actually represents your success because there’s always something more expensive to buy. Success is really being able to do things for others as well as the people around you and yourself.” – Kanye West

6 . “I refuse to follow the rules where society tries to control people with low self-esteem.” – Kanye West

7. “I don’t expect to be understood at all.” – Kanye West

8. “I’m on the pursuit of awesomeness, excellence is the bare minimum.” – Kanye West

9.“Beauty has been stolen from the people and is being sold back to them as luxury.” – Kanye West

10. “Bravery and courage is walking into pain and knowing that something better is on the other side” – Kanye West

11. “I refuse to accept other people’s ideas of happiness for me. As if there’s a ‘one size fits all’ standard for happiness.” – Kanye West

12. “Nothing in life is promised except death.” – Kanye West

13. “Recognize and embrace your flaws so you can learn from them. Sometimes it takes a little polishing to truly shine.” – Kanye West

14. “Success is the best revenge.” – Kanye West

15. “I always feel like I can do anything. That’s the main thing people are controlled by: thoughts and perceptions of yourself, If you’re taught you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything” – Kanye West

16. “Memories have to be our most painful blessing.” – Kanye West

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