’42’ is a sensational film that demonstrates the cruelty of racism and the bravery of those people who strived to overcome the most disturbing aspect of American society in the twentieth century. The move is an inspiration for many of us. There are various lessons we can learn from this movie.

1. Breaking barriers and unwritten rules

There are various societal norms and values that we need to follow or are forced to follow. It is okay to follow those rules if those are written rules, but what about the unwritten rules? Unwritten rules are those, which are not made by the law but by the people and sometimes those rules have no sense or are biased rules, favouring one person and against another.

So those are the rules which you must not follow. Jackie and Branch shattered such rules and dared to challenge them.

2. Be a hero by setting an example

There won’t be any changes taking place if Jackie wasn’t a good player or a strong person. Examples are not set just by anyone, they are changed by winners who seize the opportunity and make good use of that opportunity.

So to be someone great you need to set an example that depicts that you are capable of being someone great.

3. Ignoring difficulties is not a solution

In life, you may come across a lot of difficulties, but ignoring those is not a good choice. So instead of improving the situation, it will make the situation worse. Jackie didn’t ignore what was difficult for him and what he was bad at. Instead, he paid attention to what he was good at and proved that nothing is difficult, you should just have the strength to encounter the difficulties.

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