Don’t be scared to put people on the spot.

Jobs isn’t scared to test the boundaries of himself and others. He was more concerned with the video game makers’ objectives than with his own sentiments. If something isn’t quite right in your environment, speak out and make the required changes. It is a vital leadership and life characteristic to be able to challenge someone who is doing something wrong or not executing promised obligations and work to correct it.

Learn how to bargain.

Negotiating is something that occurs in your life on a daily basis, whether you recognize it or not. Negotiating such that you don’t sell yourself short or scam the other party is a very valuable skill that is rarely taught. Making a win-win situation out of a negotiation leaves the other party with a positive impression of you, which improves the chances of subsequent favors.

Carry out the difficult tasks.

While criticizing Daniel Kottke’s attitude and work ethic in the Jobs biopic, Jobs claims that he has made over 200 phone calls, the majority of which have gone unanswered. There are two hundred! That is an example of the type of grunt work and menial tasks that successful people like Steve Jobs were ready to do in order to advance in their careers.

Don’t give up!

It is critical to understand that success in life is a long and arduous process that includes seemingly insignificant actions. It’s possible that you’ll have to make 200 phone calls and get turned down each time, only to locate what you’re looking for on-call #201. However, don’t give up! You’ll learn a lot of essential things along the way, and you’ll be a better person as a result. Thomas Edison attempted and failed 10,000 times to invent the light bulb!

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