Cervical Cancer became a hot topic on the internet after actress Poonam Pandey issued fake death news due to cervical Cancer and created a stir on the internet. She called this act a way to spread awareness about the disease. Cervical Cancer in the initial stage may not show visible symptoms, highlighting the importance of regular screening for early detection.

However, as this disease comes to an advanced stage, women can notice abnormal vaginal bleeding, which may occur between periods, after sex, or after menopause. So, what are the key warnings women need to be aware of? Check out

1) The first is abnormal vaginal bleeding which may occur between periods, after sex, or after menopause. But this bleeding can also happen due to other issues like hormonal changes or infections.

2) The next is a pain in the pelvis. This may happen at any time, but mainly during sex or periods. However, in such cases, seek help from a doctor without further delay.

3) The third symptom is lower back or pelvis pain. This happens when the Cancer is in an advanced stage. But this pain can happen due to other reasons to get proper guidance from a doctor.

4) The fourth symptom is pain during sex. But it is necessary to get checked because this issue may also happen for other reasons.

5) Vaginal discharge is another symptom. These can be either watery, bloody, or foul smell. But these can happen due to hormonal changes or infections, too, so seek help from professionals.