Shilpa Shetty Kundra, the famous Bollywood actor has resorted to Instagram to inspire millions of people to earn peace through yoga. She often posted various yoga poses on her Instagram handle which has made her stay focused and balanced in life through difficult times.

This talented diva is not only good at acting but also for dancing and fitness. Her commitment to practice yoga has inspired many of her admirers and followers. You’d often find her sharing fitness tips or some workout sessions on Instagram.

Shilpa gains peace through her and in a recent Monday motivation video she has shared yoga poses such as Virabhadrasana, Malasana and the dynamic hip opener. In her video she has conveyed that these poses are essential to practice in order to throw away negativity from one’s life. They also come with various mental and physical benefits.

According to Healthshots reports, Shilpa turns to yoga to earn peace and to stay strong and focused in life. In one of her videos, she has shared that Virabhadrasana, Malasana and the dynamic hip opener are calming and energising routines.

Furthermore, the practitioners experience various benefits.

Virabhadrasana is a pose which works in strengthening and stretching the thighs, calves, ankles, shoulders, arms and back muscles. According to Shilpa, it improves your balance, posture and focus. Malasana opens up the hips and groin area which relieves the tension in your neck, back and hamstrings.

Dynamic hip opener lowers the tightness in the back and hips. It strengthens and stretches your hip flexors.

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