We all enjoy spending, and we especially enjoy using credit cards to do so! These cards play an important role in our lives, and one of the most important qualities we look for is the ability to make credit card payments quickly and easily. This gets more problematic in a situation where we have a collection of credit cards from many banks, each with its own billing period.

Imagine an app that collects all of this information, sends you reminders to make timely payments, and even rewards you for doing so. This is where CRED comes into play. This software, which was recently designated as a unicorn in April of 2021, will serve as a single platform to manage all of our credit cards.

CRED, which was founded in 2018, is a members-only app that provides its customers with exclusive prizes for paying their credit card debts.

The platform was created with the goal of making credit card bill payments easier for consumers and rewarding them for making regular payments. The programme works in a straightforward manner. It asks for their phone number in order to check their credit score with Cibil, CRIF, and Experian.

Kunal Shah founded CRED, despite the fact that he is a philosophy graduate from Mumbai’s Wilson College and has no engineering training.

CRED’s major focus has been on growing its user base rather than producing money up until now.

CRED most recently raised $215 million in a series D investment round in April 2021, valuing the Indian business at $2.2 billion and elevating it to billionaire status.

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