Operation Safed Sagar (1999)

The Indian Air Force was requested to aid the Indian Armed Forces in the Kargil battle. The Indian Air Force covered our fighters during the initial attack with MiG-21 and MiG-29 Air Defense variants. Mi-17 gunships were deployed in the Tololing region. IAF employed MiG-25Rs and Mirage-2000s during the operations.

Balakot Airstrikes

The Indian government ordered the IAF to bomb the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camps in Pakistan’s Balakot in order to exact revenge for our soldiers who died in the Pulwama assault (2019). The covert Operation Bandar deployed twelve mirages.

Indian Air Force supports meeting oxygen demand

With the number of Covid-19 cases increasing, the Indian Air Force assisted Noida by deploying two tankers, each with a capacity of 20 and 15 tonnes, totaling 35 tonnes, to Ranchi and Jamshedpur for the purpose of obtaining oxygen. The IAF aids in the swift delivery of life-saving gas from distant states and nations.

Indian Air Force’s M-17 helicopter rescues victims from Rajouri road accident

Residents of Rajouri who were hurt in a car accident were saved by the Indian Air Force. The seriously injured patients were evacuated by IAF to Jammu for expert care.

Indian Forces deeply entrenched along LAC

The Indian armed forces are now so well-prepared that China or any other foe cannot take India by surprise in any way. They have constructed infrastructure to improve connection and deployed more soldiers to deal with any Chinese assault.

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