Dr. Heramb Shelke has always been affected by increased pollution, depletion of non-renewable resources, and rising fuel prices. The idea of providing affordable mobility for middle-class families prompted him to start in the field of electric vehicles, so the mechanic who turned from this mechanical engineer to an entrepreneur told Pune with VTR Motors.

“Electric vehicles (EVs) are an emerging industry in India. Electric vehicles have been on the market around the world for some time, but their popularity has increased over the last few years. There is public opinion in favor of gentle fuels and away from internal combustion engines. Reassuring progress has been made in developing technologies to support EV charging capabilities and actual usage efficiency (still a life-changing pace). With the current transition from traditional smart solutions to technology-based smart solutions, electric vehicles are the future,” says Dr. Sheke.

“VTRO Motors Private Limited launches an integrated ecosystem that integrates the challenges facing the EV market today, including expensive battery replacement, lack of private parking space, and lack of charging infrastructure, turning them into valuable opportunities. I am aiming. The company manufactures fully IoT-enabled bicycles with unique designs, compact unisex frames, and excellent battery life, with networked battery charging and replacement stations throughout the city.”

When I asked Shelke about his previous venture before starting the electric car business, he missed how he started the two most iconic and famous lounges in Pune: the 1BHK Super Bar and the 2BHK Diner & Key Club. Good food, unrivaled service, and aesthetic decoration. “We hear so many inspiring stories in our daily lives. One common thread that accompanies them all is their passion and never-speaking attitude. All of these success stories. It’s about people who have pushed the boundaries and worked hard to be the best version in the industry of their choice, despite many challenges,” Heramb says.

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