There are more than a few examples of when dogs have shown their profound love and loyalty towards humans as well as between themselves. A few people would state that dogs are obedient or loyal on the grounds that they rely upon us for food and home, so they have to be pleasant to us. In any case, when you perceive how dogs respond when their people and animal friends return after they’ve been away for quite a while or when they don’t return by any means, you know it’s about more than just-food.

Dogs are normally loving and too friendly. Their sense is to need to bond. The ones that battle or assault have been adapted and trained by people to be that way. Dogs need to cherish and be adored, which where it counts is the thing that we all need. They feel the urge to be essential for a pack, help their pack, and provide protection to the pack. They consider us to be the part of their pack too. Ever wondered why dogs always follow you to the washroom and try to stand outside while you pee? That’s because they have a habit of protecting their fellow pack members. When dogs try to pee, they are most vulnerable to an attack and hence other dogs try to keep a watch or protect in any such condition. They do the same to you when you visit the toilet. Such loyalty and love can only be found in dogs.

In this world, which is full of deceiving people, dogs teach us the importance of loyalty. The companionship among man and canine has been a fact for a huge number of years. Dogs didn’t turn into “man’s best friend” without any reason. They give us genuine love each day. But, do we merit it? Do we actually deserve their loyalty and love? We have seen an excessive number of examples where canines are being abused, they are being made to battle, canines being overbred for money, canines being killed on the grounds that they don’t have homes. Such inhuman acts towards such loving and deserving animal are highly unjust. We as humans must learn these features from dogs.