Fear motivation is the inner technique of pushing yourself away from what you don’t want. Fear is a strong motivator because it makes us uncomfortable, and we expect to walk away from that discomfort toward our comfort zone. While it is powerful and strong, the dilemma with fear motivation is that it can evolve to be stressful over time.

It can result in paralysis in workers, who have fear of being fired, for example, it restricts their ability to accomplish to the best of their abilities. Motivation can arise from trouble and fear, or it can arise from being in a habitat where faith and strong relationships flourish. The basis of motivation has a severe consequence on workplace culture, if motivation is coming from fear then the culture suffers.

The best authorities know that fear-based motivation is the least beneficial way to get the job done and directs to higher turnover and disappointed employees. In a workplace culture where fear is the powerful energy, employees feel worried and they frequently bother about undesirable outcomes including job loss.

On the opposite, in a workplace culture built on trust and faith, employees feel a feeling of security and they meet their goals out of ambition rather than fear. If operating fear as motivation comes naturally for you, you aren’t alone. Our minds use fear to resist us out of difficulty. Generally, you want to move away from what feels harmful towards what feels comfortable.

But when you use fear-based motivation to achieve your life and career objectives, the continual state of fear puts needless pressure on your mind and body and can end up working against you.

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