These are some Bollywood films that will inspire pupils.

3 Idiots (2009) – This film is a classic for motivating pupils. It is centred on the lives of three college buddies and the problems they confront. The film encourages kids to pursue their passions rather than merely their academics. In addition, it educates kids that there is more to life than earning a diploma.

Taare Zameen Par (2007) is a film about an 8-year-old child with dyslexia. It demonstrates how a teacher can make a difference in the lives of a pupil. It teaches pupils that everyone has various skills and shortcomings that must be recognized and appreciated.

India (2007) – Chak De! This video follows a hockey coach preparing a squad of girls from all backgrounds to compete nationally. It instils in kids the value of collaboration, devotion, and strenuous effort.

English Vinglish (2012) – This film is about a middle-aged lady who learns English to gain her family’s respect. It motivates pupils never to stop studying and to pursue their aspirations.

Dangal (2016) is based on the story of two sisters who become wrestlers and win. It instils in kids the value of persistence, discipline, and strenuous effort.