South Indian divas have continued to inspire us and here are some of the best quotes for life from these beauties

1. “I don’t consider myself a competition to anyone. There is ample space for everyone here. When there are directors who create characters for me, why should I feel bothered or insecure? When it comes to updating myself, I work very hard to relate to the emotions of characters I play.” – Kajal Aggarwal

2. “I am my biggest critic. Even in films where people said they liked me, I have disliked myself.” -Samantha Akkineni

3. “I have made my fair share of mistakes. In the beginning when you are trying to find your way, you end up doing stereotypical and cliche roles, I have done all of that. I am at a stage in regional cinema where I am looking to do roles that test and push me to my limit.“ — Samantha Akkineni

4. “For me, doing good work is important.” – Anushka Shetty

5. “I think it is important to keep redefining yourself as an actor with the roles you do and, at the same time, create diversity in your body of work.” -Anushka Shetty

6. “It’s important that you love and respect your body, understand what it needs, and accordingly give everything in appropriate proportion.”- Anushka Shetty

7. “I don’t think about my past or future.” -Keerthy Suresh

8. “No amount of learning goes to waste. It adds to building your skill set and intellect.”- Shruti Haasan

9. “My philosophy is to be strong and work hard.” -Shruti Haasan

10. “Anything that you do in life, whether it’s work or a relationship or marriage, you get into it with a lot of positivity.” –Nayanthara

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