The Indian politician Bal Keshav Thackeray, also known as Balasaheb Thackrey was the founder of right-wing ethnocentric Marathi party called the Shiv Sena.

This party maintained and concentrated its power in the state of Maharashtra. He was a strong opponent of the increased migration of non-marathis in the city of Mumbai. He spread this message wide and clear by campaigning and through his cartoon weekly journal, Marmik.

He founded Shiv Sena party and delved deeper into politics to further this motto.

His motive was to prioritize Maharashtrians by providing them good job security in their state as they were facing competition from the immigrants from south Indians, Marwari and Gujaratis.

His followers called him the ‘Hindu Hriday Samraat’ which means Emperor of the hearts of the Hindus or was referred to as the ‘Godfather of Maharashtra.’

His party prompted the end of India’s constitutional status as a secular state and to adopt Hinduism as official religion. He renamed Bombay to Mumbai which was a reference for the goddess Mumbadevi.

Although Thackeray admired Adolf Hitler, he said that he doesn’t oppose each and every Muslim but only those who do not go by the laws of land. This was during the anti-Muslim riot in Mumbai.

Balasaheb Thackrey was admired and respected by the Maharashtrians for his dedication towards the state and people. Now, he is remembered as a courageous man.

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