On the festival of Karva Chauth, women’s makeup is not considered complete without a mehndi application. Women are so obsessed with getting mehndi for this holiday that they have already started browsing for designs. especially those mehndi patterns that are attractive and quick to apply.

Today, we’ll demonstrate some of these mehndi patterns, which double the attractiveness of the hands by incorporating Kerry designs into the mehndi.

Have a look at these designs if you’re seeking mehndi designs for Karva Chauth as well.

1. Bell Design by Kerry Mehndi
You can prepare two to three bells in the palm for Bell Wali Kerry Mehndi Designs. Curry and flower leaves are acceptable additions.
You get to choose whether you want to keep the vine vertical or horizontal. Along with floral leaf art, you may also create round Tikki, check, or mandala designs.

2. Kerry Mehndi Designs
Additionally, you may use checks with mehndi Kerry patterns. Your hands will be shown in full when you have mehndi done in this style.
You may also use intricate and rich mehndi designs with Kerry and peacock patterns if you like. Your Mehndi will appear really gorgeous as a result.
You may also use mandala mehndi to decorate your hands because Kerry is adding motifs to the check.

3. Beautiful Carey Mehndi Designs
Apply Kerry mehndi on your hands if you enjoy having henna-covered hands. This has a fusion of several patterns, including bell, check, peacock, and gol Tikki.
Applying this style of mehndi may take you 30 minutes to an hour. You get to choose whether to simply henna on your hands or to extend an arm’s length.

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