The child’s growth age is a crucial part of their life. You observe a great change in them, in their personality, their understanding, habits, discipline, and lots more. Their teacher and mother play a vital role in their learning process. They listen and follow the things as per their guidance. Usually, cartoons and stories are a part of kids. Storytime is one of the things a child enjoys the most and learns the most as well. They can hear those stories anytime especially at the time of bed and while having food. You can have morals at the end of the story and explain to them the moral and how it is helpful in daily life.

Here below are 5 such stories you should definitely tell your kids about and tell them about the teachings to learn from it: –

  • The hare and the tortoise

This is a classic story that is being retold for ages now. But definitely teaches the kid various lessons. The story is about a hare and tortoise who race together and how one of them loses due to laziness and the other one wins due to its consistent hard work. You can tell the story as it is or you can make twists as per your choice

  • The mouse and the lion

This again is the most told stories of all time, which teaches values of staying humble and never underestimating your size or power. In this story, a mouse helps a lion with a thorn in his paw.

  • Midas and the golden touch

This again is retold for ages. This story teaches us about not being materialistic and not crave for more and be happy with what you are. In this story, King Midas has given a spell, whatever he touches would turn gold and he, in turn, makes his son into gold and then asks to take the spell away from him.

  • The boy who cried wolf

This story is about being truthful and never to lie in life. In this story, a guy always takes his flock of sheep in the yards for grazing and used to make fun of farmers by calling out “wolf! Wolf!”. One day it happens that there is an actual wolf attacking the flock and the farmers ignore them due to his previous lies.

  • The barbie stories

Every girl used to love to hear those fairytale barbie stories including mansions, kings and queens, prince and princess, and how they fall in love and how barbie turns into a princess. There are many ways to make up a barbie story and to tell it to the girl kids.