The film Moneyball is full of Inspirational lessons which can promote new business ideas. If you haven’t watched this movie, then you should surely watch it.
Here are the incredible business lessons from ‘Moneyball.

1. Listening Opens up New Possibilities

Though speech is more obvious and talks about leadership quality, listening is also a very crucial leadership quality and sometimes it is ignored by many individuals. In the movie, Billy Beane listened to Peter Brand, who had just begun his professional career. But he still listened to his ideas and what he was saying.

2. Understand the Gap Between Perception & Reality

People are overlooked for several prejudiced reasons and perceived flaws like age, appearance, personality. This movie indicated a realistic way to recognize good players’ through qualities and realities instead of perceptions.
While doing business you should look for others’ qualities instead of judging them by their flaws.

3. Focus on Winning the Last Game, Not Making Records

Though in this movie, their team had 20 successive victories, Billy was concerned about winning the series and not just making records.

4. Always be Ready to Learn & Improve

Billy learned different ways to select players from Peter and Peter learned how to fire players from Billy. Players also took feedback on their game by Billy and Peter seriously and were ready to improve themselves. It is the same with business, if you want success in business, you need to be ready to learn and improve.

5. Think Differently.

Billy’s unique technique altered the team’s priorities, he analyzed the game differently and concentrated on where wasting time was not important for e.g spending more time looking for great high school players. Instead, he worked more on his team members.

6. Address the problem and find a unique solution

Billy’s winning strategy is that he truly addresses the problem at the core, noticing the unfairness of the poor vs. the rich team’s and then concentrates on solving it. When it comes to business, instead of ignoring your problem, you should address it and find a unique solution to deal with it.

7. Believe that you can change the game

Billy worked hard to persuade the team and to get them on board with his new technique. He explained the technique and spent weeks teaching and motivating players to perform beyond expectations.

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