In the Bollywood cinema industry, music composing is regarded as one of the most difficult and innovative tasks. Music is an important aspect of Bollywood films, and it’s no surprise that the industry has produced numerous masterpieces and everlasting classics throughout the years.

Well before the Internet, content “creators” had the freedom to copy or be inspired by “viral” content from around the world that was circulating on the airwaves, without fear of being reprimanded in front of millions of enraged Public social Media followers.

Plagiarism has a long and illustrious history in the Indian film industry. Let’s take a look at one of the most important aspects of Bollywood films: music.

Here’s a list of film songs that were either straight rips from foreign language songs or were influenced by or borrowed from them.

1. Elvis Presley- who Makes My heartbeat like thunder & kon he jo sapno me aya, Mohammad Rafi

2. Mehbooba Mehbooba (Sholay) is surprisingly adapted from Mihalis Violaris’ Arabic song Ta Rialia.

3. Pretty Woman (Kal Ho Naa Ho) was inspired by Oh Pretty Woman, one of the most beautiful melodies ever written.

4. Pehli Nazar (Race), Many people’s romantic hymn, this song was adapted from Kim Hyung Su’s Korean song Sarang Hae Yo.

5. Dil Na Diya (Krrish), The Turkish Military March Track Ceddin Deden is said to have inspired Rajesh Roshan to write this song.

6. Akele Hain To Kya Gam Hai (Qyamat se Qyamat tak), The song was released in 1988 and features two of the most popular singers of the period, with music based on Return to the Alamo (Shadows).

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