Our perception of an event is significantly influenced by our emotions. While we assume something is true because of how we feel when the reality may be totally different, this is called emotional reasoning. Although there is nothing wrong with observing and acknowledging your feelings, they can also lead you down a path that is clouded with emotion and deviates from realistic, impartial interpretations of reality.

1) Consider your emotions as a component of your “map” rather than your “territory.”
Our emotions are a result of our thinking. Positive emotions are more likely to be felt when we think positively, and negative emotions are more likely to be felt when we think negatively. Remind yourself that thoughts are just your perception of events; they are never a firsthand experience.

2) Pause to consider your actions.
Before acting, pause and give your emotional brain a chance to calm down. Almost usually, the emotional portion of our brains outweighs the intellectual portion. The best course of action while experiencing emotional overwhelm is to take a break and wait for your logical mind to take charge.

3) Recognize your areas of vulnerability.
Do you have a tendency to become emotional around certain persons or circumstances? Knowing where our shortcomings are can help us be more alert and prepared.

4) Take responsibility for your feelings.
Be accountable for your actions. Although we are powerless over others, we are always in charge of our own reactions. We send the message to ourselves that we are unable to make our own decisions when we place blame on others for our emotional responses.

5) Develop the ability to be emotionally detached.
Emotions are not who you are. As was previously established, ideas cause emotions. Try seeing your ideas as those of bus passengers—it’s a terrific strategy. You are the bus driver, and as soon as you turn the key in the ignition, your passengers start complaining to you about how bad of a driver you are, how you could get them all lost or have an accident, and how you look terribly old and overweight in that outfit.


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