Batman went through a lot of pain and hardships in his early days. Those pain and sufferings made him stronger. Batman is really a good source of inspiration for us. We can get a lot of life lessons from the batman.

Here is the lesson of life from the batman

1. Face your fear

Bruce Wayne feared bats in his childhood. He realized if he would face this fear, he would be a stronger man. He made his identity as a bat i.e batman. He always had the guts to encounter his fear and constantly stood strong against fear and faced it. So we must also face our fear, remember that fear is the only thing that prevents us from achieving our goal.

2. Limits are just created by us and the society

Batman is one of those superheroes who really didn’t have any superpowers but he motivated himself and raised so much that he could match even Superman. Batman is someone who has attained a point in life where he is utilizing almost 100% of his ability. He knows that barriers are meant to be broken. He is someone who understands what he can accomplish in life can not be specified by society.

He knows his objectives, his ambitions and no one could stop him. Remember that YOU determine your own goals now.

3.Have your values and morals

It specifies you as a person. Don’t do it because it’s what everyone advises you to do. Don’t do it because society or your culture tells you to do it or, don’t do it because everyone else is performing it.

4. Giving up is not the solution

Batman always had the fighter mind. He never gives up and always attempts harder. The prison escape scene in the movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ shows us how he never gives up what he wants to do. He failed numerous times while escaping prison. He kept on failing but he never gave up. And after attempting it so hard he succeeds at last. This is how you should possess a warrior mentality. You must never give up and try harder every time.

5. Pain makes you stronger

The death of his mom and dad was a huge pain for Batman. He was only a kid at that time. He underwent huge pain from his childhood. Even his childhood friend chooses someone else over him for love. This all suffering made him even stronger. Remember that pain just arrives in life to make you better.

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