You’ve probably heard of Rocky Balboa unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of your life. Rocky was the titular character in six boxing drama films, all of which depicted his ascent from unknown fighter to world heavyweight champion.

Rocky was played by Hollywood action legend Sylvester Stallone. Rocky faced various personal issues, increasingly powerful opponents, and his own aging physique in each subsequent film. Rocky became the archetypal underdog throughout the series, deriving strength from his attempts to overcome adversity and triumph.

Here are a few lessons from the movie

1. You’re not out just because you’re down

Rocky, by all accounts, should have given up well before the events in the first film. His boxing career, like his life in general, has been a failure. By persevering, he receives two fortunate breaks: getting chosen to face Creed, the world heavyweight champion, and meeting Adrian, a shy pet-store clerk. These two incidents signal the start of a positive trend in his life.

The movie teaches us that there are times when we feel life is at a low but that does not mean we cannot rise back. Times will change.

2. It isn’t all about winning

This movie beautifully teaches us that winning isn’t everything in life. Sometimes it is also about the journeys and how it helps us grow as an individual.

Rocky Balboa doesn’t win the last fight against Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). It doesn’t matter though because Rocky’s story, particularly in the first film, isn’t about clobbering his opponent; it’s about pushing yourself against all odds and going further than you ever thought.

3. Victory is sweeter when it comes late

Of all, Rocky’s success in Rocky II is all the more impressive because he didn’t beat Creed in the previous film. You feel that win more when you wait for it – and work for it.

4. Keep moving forward

One of the most significant lessons this film offers us is to keep going forward and trying harder in life and to never give up.

“It’s not about how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit while still pushing forward,” is one of the best quotes from the movie series.

Rocky shares a heart-to-heart with his now-adult son Robert about the primary lesson he’s taken away from a life in the ring.

5. Always persevere

“Going that one more round when you don’t believe you can make all the difference in your life,” Rocky remarked. The principle of never giving up is what Rocky emphasizes in this sequence. Working hard will bring you to the starting line of your selected challenge, but you’ll need something more throughout tough events.

You will ponder stopping, giving up, or quitting when you are pushed to your limitations. The strength to persevere and to never give up must come from within.

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