It doesn’t matter how wonderful or bad the idea was, every startup company faces a time or failure. The entrepreneur then has to decide whether to give up and accept defeat or keep trying and stand tall through the difficulties. The doubts of whether you will be successful or failure eat you up. But remember failure is not the end. Some companies hit the rock bottom and still managed to become one of the most successful companies in the world. Here are the names of four such great companies that learned from its failures and became successful: –

  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) – Colonel Sanders was the founder of KFC. He was a failed lawyer and a salesman. He used to sell tires, insurance and lamps as well. What’s most ironic that the recipe of the current most favorite chicken item of the world was rejected for 1009 times was remained unsold until the 1010th attempt. If he had decided to give up the 1000th time he failed, there would not be our favorite fried chicken for us today!!
  • Apple – Wherever you are standing right now, you may be in close proximity to an Apple product. Started by Steve Jobs and his partner Steve Wozniak in his parent’s garage, Apple became a trillion-dollar company today. It started as a creator of the personal computer and saw some dark times before inventing iPad and iPhone which not only benefitted the company but also changed the world.
  • The Walt Disney Company – It is supposed to be one of the most iconic entertainment and film making company to ever exist. It created icons like Donald duck and Mickey mouse which are loved by kids all around the globe. But the creator of the very same company, Walt Disney was fired from the company he worked before this for not being creative enough. The company he created also went bankrupt after only 2 years of its establishment after which he moved this business to the west and tried his luck in the Hollywood and the rest is history.
  • Netflix – Probably the best and most used online entertainment service provider, Netflix was a huge failure in the beginning. Netflix first used to sell DVDs over the internet until streaming online became possible. However, the company came to a deciding fate after it had to decide between selling DVDs and streaming online and lost around 800,000 subscribers in the process. After which it learned from its mistakes and dominated the online streaming service providers around the world.

These only some of the many companies that faced failure and rose from the ashes. This only shows us that, failure is not the end.