You already understand that gravity prevents you from flying freely and that you must contend with it every day. The realization of these three unavoidable realities about life can help you become more driven to build a life that is worth living. In addition to gravity, there are other truths about life that you should embrace.

1. You are not alone in feeling uneasy about anything; everyone does.

Every day of your life, you deal with doubts and uncertainty. Do you appear overweight in this dress? At that conference, will you run into anyone you know, or are you destined to sit alone? What if you fail to remember the lyrics to your song or speech? Observe this. It’s not just you.

2. You’ll regret your decisions more than your mistakes because of what you didn’t do.

You won’t feel guilty about your blunders when you’re dead, but you will regret not crossing more things off your bucket list. You’ll regret not spending more time with your family and other close friends. You’ll regret not making an effort to realize your aspirations. Modify your perspective and allow it to inspire you to live a life you will not regret.

3. It’s not worth doing if it doesn’t stink.

No one who reached the peak of Mount Everest compared the experience to taking a stroll around Central Park, but they persisted despite having low oxygen levels, experiencing altitude sickness, and braving the bitter cold to reach the top. Challenges are supposed to be challenging. They challenge your body’s boundaries while simultaneously broadening your thinking. You’ve pushed yourself above your comfort zone when you accomplish a feat that you once thought was unachievable. Your self-assurance increases. Watching television while lounging on the couch won’t have the same impact.

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